JB Seats Information


Our custom-made seats are crafted by hand in our factory in Los Angeles, California, USA. Please allow 7 to 10 days from purchase date for completion of product. 


We understand customers would like to receive orders as soon as possible.  So we will ensure to ship as quickly as possible once product is finished, inspected in-house, and carefully packaged. We will choose a carrier -- USPS, UPS or FedEx -- offering the most favorable combination of speed and cost to our customer. International shipping is available.  All our product is shipped from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Return Policy:

JB Seats are made to order and process is started once order is received. All sales are final.

We understand mistakes happen, so we allow a 3-Hour cancellation after purchase is made. Please contact us immediately within the 3-Hour period.

Limitation Of Liability:

We inspect thoroughly each seat before packaging and shipping out. If for any reason you receive a damaged product through shipping and/or delivery of product, contact us within 7-days of delivery.

We do not guarantee, refund, replace product after 7-days of delivery.
* JB Seats is not liable for usage of product, product wear and tear, product damage or wrongful use of our product. The buyer bears all risks associated to usage of JB Seats’ product.

Our seats carry the trademark of JB SEATS LLC. Any use of our product, name, and/or promotional materials, including but not limited to text, illustrations, and video, without the express written consent of JB SEATS LLC, is an infraction of law subject to appropriate penalties. None of said materials may be reproduced or remanufacture in any form without express written consent.  


Please go to Contact Us with any questions and/or inquiries.