About Us

JB Seats is the leader in e-bike seats and brings you the best in comfort and design. As an avid rider, founder and owner Jerry B, enjoyed riding his bikes but felt the constraint with regular seats in while riding his e-bike. He felt they were cumbersome, bland, and not comfortable.  Jerry thought if he felt like this many others might be feeling the same.  As for many, riding an e-bike is an amazing way to explore nature and stay active.

As a true entrepreneur, Jerry sprang into action and started JB Seats to address the industry’s short-sidedness of traditional e-bike seats. Now with JB Seats, you can ride for miles and miles, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the beauty of the outdoors with comfort and style.

With any of our JB seats, you’ll be adding a striking look, great design and everlasting impression to your bike and to your ride. 

JB Seats from start to finish has the rider in mind. Creating with the utmost craftsmanship, professionalism so that the rider can truly have the best feeling seat in the market today.

“I am proud of the growth, acceptance, of our company and the demand that our custom seats have been experiencing since we have launched. Our commitment to our customers is second to none and our products at JB seats will provide a superior product to our customers while providing the best customer service possible. Our dedication to our clients is our number one concern. So we will employ our best to ensure satisfaction with every seat you purchase from us.” 

Our growth is a testament to our hard work and respect we have for our customers. We  are thankful and grateful for our customers who have continued to support us and have honored us with their trust and loyalty! JB Seats are all proudly made in the USA!

Enjoy a comfortable and stylish journey with our fantastic custom made JB Seats.


Founder Jerry & JB Seats’ Team