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JB Seats

JB Seats Hex Black and Yellow

JB Seats Hex Black and Yellow

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JB Seats Hex showcases a distinctive hexagon print, letting it a unique contemporary vibe. The grayscale palette enhances the geometrical print and ensures it matches perfectly with any bike scheme. The detailed digital stitch pattern in vibrant yellow creates a visually appealing and intricate design that stands out for traditional seat patterns.

The seat's length of 23" ensures a generous seating area, allowing for a comfortable and relaxed riding experience it allows ample space to shift positions during long rides. The cushioning on the seat is carefully designed to offer optimal comfort. It is made from high quality materials that provide a balance of softness and support. The cushioning is responsive, adapting to the rider's body contours and absorbing shocks, reducing the impact on the riders back and hips.

** JB Seats custom makes each hand-crafted seat. Please allow 7-10 days. **
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